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Daisy someone is stealing your photos diaperfreedom

I know :(

How do i find out about your rates and service about being a babysitter or nanny for a couple of days for me. Where do I find that information at on your web page. abjjsam

I discuss it privately my email is

Whats ur web site url abashley

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Odette and I are so cute dressed in our pigtails, pacifiers, overalls, and diapers. We are playing together, and having a good time. We make quite a mess with the blocks, and the play fight leads to loving.

Odette and I cuddle, kiss, and help one another take off our overalls and shirts. We strip down to only diapers and touch each others diapers, and boobies. Us little girls love to touch and play.

We tickle each other and suck on each others boobies. We kiss a lot and cuddle like good little girls. Eventually after playing and making out we fall asleep cuddling in out diapers

Yuki is such a cute little ABDL!!! She has some very cute videos and is finally on tumblr….everyone should follow her <3

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Daisy & Odette: Daisy is caught diapered while making out with Odette
Odette is my roommate, she is sweet, and a bit naive. She comes in to my room and confesses to me she has never even kissed a boy. I try not to laugh but I can’t help it. She has a date tonight, and wants to make sure she knows what to do if it goes well. I make fun of her so much after she tells me all of this.

Odette wants me to help her practice kissing by kissing her. I agree to do it after giving her a hard time for her innocent ways. We start kissing, and she really likes it! That first kiss has brought on a wave of hormones. She kisses me more and more until we are making out. I love how she kisses me and touches me so we keep going.

I kind of thought I was home alone so I have on a really big diaper under my shorts. She has no idea I am a big diaper lover. When she goes to rub me over my shorts she notices a crinkle noise and confronts me. The tables have turned now and now I am being confronted. I try to lie and say its just big underwear, however Odette unzips my shorts and exposes the ABU Cushies diaper I am wearing.

Odette is freaked out by this, she thinks I am so weird. I fight with her some and tell her she would get it if she would just wear on. So I agree she can have her way with me if she wears a diaper, and we will take photos of both of us in them just for black mail in case one of us tries to say or do anything. She is hesitant but finally agrees!

I take off my shorts, she takes off her panties and I put her in a nice big Fabine diaper sucking on my nipples next, and kisses me some more. We decide her date couldn’t ever go this well and we should just keep making out with one another.

I had so much fun seeing Odette check out our latest clip together!

Daisy & Odette: Little Odette Wets her Diaper and is Punished by Mommy Daisy
Little Odette has been trying to prove to Mommy Daisy she is a big girl lately. However I (Mommy Daisy) know she can’t hold it like the big girl she wants to be. I make her a deal, I tell her if she can keep her ABU Sissy diaper dry while I do the dishes and some other housework we will go to the park. However if she wets the diaper she will stay in diapers for the day and get a big spanking!

Odette thinks she is fine and refuses to potty before I put her diaper on. I put the big diaper on her under her skirt. When I walk away to do some house work she realizes she may not be able to hold it. Little Odette is getting desperate now! Before you know it she soaks the entire diaper!!!! The diaper is now over flowing onto the suede couch for all to see. Odette is a naughty girl and wants to hide this from me so she curls up and pretends to sleep.

When I am back to check on her I ask how she did. Odette lies to me saying she is dry. I am so proud of her so I offer to take her out of the diaper and put big girl panties on her. She refuses the panties and says she wants the diaper on, so I know something is up. Odette in the past complained about how mean the kiids are at the playground teasing her about her diaper. However today Odette tells me the got nice so it’s okay. I see the pee spots on the couch and confront her!

Odette is panicking when she knows she is getting a spanking! I bend her over my knee and spank her soaked diapered bottom nice and hard. She has been such a bad girl. I tell her if she wants to act like a b@by I will treat her like one. I go ahead and change her diaper then give her some toddlerr like overalls to wear. Little Odette is so precious dressed like this but so sad she will be humiliated by this outfit. I offer to take her to ice cream and we hug.
U okay buddy? ? :o u dun die did dou? Xc XD lol but achully were did you run off to? foriamthetinman

I am fine just been so busy!

Will your site be done soon? I would love to join it. diaperab1991

My webmaster is out of the country so it is put on hold :(

Kittens are cute